We are Ashley (the Ginger) and Jesse (the Blonde)! We’ve been besties since one fateful evening about six years ago when a birthday celebration brought us together. We’ve been making memories ever since. Ashley is a rock-star administrative assistant at a local church, as well as a semi-flexible yoga instructor. Jesse is a school counselor at a primary school, where she spends time teaching children that all feelings are okay and words are a healthy (and appropriate!) way to express ourselves. Oh, also that licking your desk is not a way to pass time. We are married to two of the world’s coolest dudes: Ed and Tyler. We’re a four man wolf pack. If we’re adventuring, it’s together.

We started this blog to document all of our experiences, thoughts, and happenings. We love fashion, yoga, music, Jesus, reading, dancing, traveling; basically, trying to live life to the fullest. There’s some failed attempts along the way (for your viewing pleasure), with lots of lessons learned. And you have a front seat to all of it.