Bone to be Wild! Halloween 2018

Hey Boo-tiful people!

Right off the rip, you may decide to judge us if you’ve seen our Trick or Treat Yo’Self post, because, yes, we did sport the same Halloween costume idea for a second time. Not a new, original idea, but an oldie (and we think- a goodie). We brainstormed FOR-EVE-R. Actually, let’s be real- we brainstormed for a week and a half. We considered being different puns, green army men, trophies, and finally decided on Price Is Right participants. We are all about simplicity, people.

So we had all the supplies for Price Is Right; and by “all”, we mean about 4 things. But Saturday came and we just felt called- why can’t we be old people again?! We knew we were hitting up a new venue this year (Taco Boy Downtown Charleston) and thought no one THERE would know we were recycling a BRILLIANT costume idea. So at 3:30 pm on Saturday we met at the Goodwill. We all picked out sick new (old) duds and headed home (Ashley and Ed’s) to get them washed. Just because we were acting old didn’t mean we needed to smell old.

It’s the boys who really put in work for this costume. All the hair has to go- Ed lost a beard; Tyler lost a bowl off his head. Then everything left had to be spray-painted. Here are some dope pics of the action. For a split second, we considered going as dinosaurs on Jurassic World because Tyler was rocking this look so incredibly well, but none of us had the guts, nor the proper head shape, to go through with it (please take a second to notice the perfectly round shape of Tyler’s head). We were laughing ‘til we were coffin.

A really important detail to note about this costume is that to really pull it off you must be COMPLETELY committed to the role. One cannot simply dress as an old person; one must fully embody an old soul. After getting into costume and makeup, it takes some time to really find your character. We achieved this in a variety of ways; first, we called each one of our families and ONLY spoke to them as old people the entirety of the phone call, whether they liked it or not (mostly the latter). Secondly, we practiced the old person walk (with and without walker). Thirdly, choose an old person name that you will be called for the remainder of the evening. Your young self must die. Jesse and Ashley who? We’d like to introduce you to Paula and Jackie. Hide your husbands, ladies. Finally, it was essential for us to practice our old people dance moves. We love to dance and that’ll never change, so our older versions had to get with it too. After all, ghouls just want to have fun.

Well, Taco Boy did not disappoint. Such a fun party, with some really fun people. And so many great costumes- we mean tons. One of the best parts about the whole night- we were a HUGE hit. From the second our walker and velcro shoes stepped out of our Uber, all eyes were on us. We put Edwin (Ed-- super original) in the front of our group and he SLOWLY, very hunched overly blazed our trail with his walker while we shuffled behind. People literally treated us as their elders- they let us cut in line to get drinks, they kindly stepped out of the way when our train came through, they even cleared a space in the jam-packed dance floor so we could cut a rug- it was a beautiful thing.

The best part about the whole night? The costume contest. In total, our costumes probably cost approx. $11 per couple, a whole lot of hair between Ed & Tyler, and about 15 minutes of work. We earned every penny of that back and then some when we were awarded a $500 prize for our costumes. The kicker, it is a $500 Taco Boy gift card. We’d rather take tacos and margaritas over cold hard cash ANY DAY. #HalloWIN is more like it!

We had such a good time Saturday- prize aside. Taking goofy to the next level with your #wolfpack is the biggest prize of all, folks. Cheers, witches!