Did Somebody Say Beer?

We LOVE beer. Cheap beer, craft beer- whatever; give it all to us. There’s not a better way for us to say it- no matter what, we sound like a couple of lushes. Sorry, not sorry.


So we decided it was really important that we take a brewery tour of the Charleston area. There’s so many breweries around here- it’s important that we explore them all. Just in case anyone ever asks our opinion, right? That’s what we will tell ourselves. But this works out nicely for all of you because you can use this information to your beer drinking advantage. Want to know the best breweries for a lively atmosphere? Or where the beer is REALLY good? Or maybe just what places offer the biggest selection? We got you covered. We are compiling our list and telling you which breweries are our favorites and why. But don’t get it sideways- we aren’t here to bash any local watering holes; we applaud all the people who have opened their own joints and are brewing deliciousness for all the rest of us. We also aren’t beer connoisseurs (or cicerones, as they are technically called); we just know what we like and what we, well, don’t. And we want to share what we’ve found and where we will MOST DEFINITELY be returning.

First things first, you should know that between the two of us, we feel like we safely cover the beer spectrum. The Ginger isn’t a fan of the dark beers (think stouts and porters), but will drink IPAs and pale ales all day. The Blonde, on the other hand, can’t understand why someone would ever order an IPA and is down for a sour or dark beer any day of the week. You can be sure that we both love everything else in between: saisons, pilsners, wheats, you name it. So without further adieu, here are all the breweries where we’ve done serious “research”:

We have been very diligent in gathering lots of scientific information and have rated our top 5 favorite spots:

Two Blokes Brewing

We loved the whole ambiance of this place. The beer was delicious and the presentation was adorable. Look at these fun little flights in the pics above- they are freakin’ hats.

Also: this place has a stacked calendar. Tons of food trucks, trivia nights, paint nights. All the fun things. Something for everyone. While we were there, they had an AMAZING food truck at their location called “Herd”. If you check the schedule ahead of time, be sure to make it out there while Herd is serving up some bomb food. Four words that will forever change your life: Flash. Fried. Brussel. Sprouts.  These two sheilas and our two blokes would return again and again to Two Blokes!

  • Ginger’s beer recommendation: Drone- Honey Rye IPA

  • Blonde’s beer recommendation: Tart Vader/ First Blood Hefeweizen

Tradesman Brewing Co.

The Tradesman was in our top five for several reasons. They have a fantastic open patio with plenty of seating if your goal is to be outside with a great beer in lovely weather. They also have a super wide variety of beers, as well as cider and wine for the non-beer drinkers tagging along. They sold light snacks (the chips were delicious) and had a food truck when we went. That Big Boned BBQ sat very nicely, thank you very much. Really, the patio seating sent this place over the top for us, along with the super chic bathroom pictured in the photo above. We’ve already been back.

  • Ginger’s beer recommendation: Circuit Breaker IPA/ Everyday IPA

  • Blonde’s beer recommendation: Coconuts and Bolts Stout/ Fig Harvester Saison

Holy City Brewing

We have returned to this joint time and time again. We first discovered it on the Blonde’s birthday when we took a booze cruise. It has ample outdoor seating, with plenty of seating and standing room inside as well. They also make some dope food in-house; you MUST get the pretzel. To die for delicious. But you can get a full meal at this place, unlike many others. Burgers, apps, even a kids menu. Catch some Bendy Brewski, trivia, or live music if you’re game. Most importantly, they make some bomb-ass beers and you get a nice, long list to select from (see picture above). We highly recommend this place.

  • Ginger’s beer recommendation: Paradise IPA/ Clementitious

  • Blonde’s beer recommendation: Shipwreck Saison

Frothy Beard Brewing Co.

A beautiful gem located in West Ashley! This place has so many amazing, unique beers on tap. Not only that, but they have old school games to play which kept the fellas busy and allows for the girls to catch up on important things- like politics (not) and our next blog post.

They ALSO have Zombie Bob’s pizza available at all times. Any place that provides you with pizza as big as your face is a 10/10.

As an added bonus, if you’re also into yoga like the Ginger- they have Bendy Brewski Yoga every Monday. Beer + Yoga? Sign me up! You can also find bingo, trivia, and live music here. Seriously, they have it all!

  • Ginger’s beer recommendation: Sip Sip Pass IPA

  • Blonde’s beer recommendation: Towhead - Tennyson's Blueberry Blonde

Revelry Brewing Co.

Of all of the places that have outdoor seating, this is our favorite! They have a rooftop bar with plenty of seating, beautiful lights, and a view of our beloved city! It is also dog-friendly so you can drink beer AND pet other people’s dogs- win-win. They’ll have live music from time to time, so make sure you check out their calendar before you go! All around fantastic vibes @ Revelry.

  • Ginger’s beer recommendation: Poke the Bear (APA) / Lefty Loosey IPA

  • Blonde’s beer recommendation: Gullah Cream Ale / Lazy Lover

So there you have our top five favorite breweries in the Charleston area! But that’s not to say that all the others don’t have something of their own to offer. We’ve listed the tidbits that really stick out to us about the others below. There’s a reason to visit them all- BEER!