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Lights, Camera, Action! Models in the Making

Lights, Camera, Action! Models in the Making

You ever heard the saying “fake it ‘til ya make it?” Well- that is our motto here on the Adventures of a Ginger and a Blonde. So although we may not have made it HUGE in the blog world (YET)- we thought it was time that we played the part. What does that mean? Professional best friend photo shoot, of course. Who knows what we will use these photos for (#content), but doesn’t everyone deserve to feel like a model for a day? So we enlisted one of our favorite photographers in Charleston, Susan Lloyd Photography, and immediately began planning for the big day along with panicking: what to wear, how to not be awkward, and how to smile with our eyes (apparently that’s a thing?!).

While some people are total naturals in front of a camera, we are absolutely not. We range from having resting b*&!% face to an awkward half smile looking like a serial killer. Safe to say, we don’t always LOVE ourselves in photos. However, we went into this shoot ready to just have some fun (after we talked each other off the ledge).

How to have fun at a photoshoot when you hate having your picture taken:

  1. Booze

  2. Booze

  3. Bring a hype crew. We brought our husbands. They are the best hype crew we could ever ask for. They danced, they made us laugh, they took pictures of us taking pictures. They carried around a backpack cooler for the before-mentioned booze. They made us feel like stars (“Work it, girls”/“You ladies look fabulous”). Then they even joined the shoot. See pictures.

  4. Bring a speaker and blare fun tunes. Ask your hype crew to manage this.

  5. Make sure you pick a photographer that is super cool and willing to let you be your weird, authentic self. Shout-out to Susan for capturing “us” perfectly!

This was a wonderful experience for us. Susan was/is awesome- as a photographer and as a person in general. We had great conversation with her and she kept everything light and easy going. She has a wonderful eye and saw possible shots we couldn’t have imagined (see pictures,duh). These are just a “sneak peek” of the gallery Susan is creating for us, so safe to say we can’t wait to see the real deal (some of these are also thanks to Ed and his I-phone captures)! It was also so awesome to be able to have our husbands involved. They may not have been thrilled initially when we told them that they were attending the photo shoot, but they sure had fun once we all got there. They made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. It’s so much easier to not get wrapped up in your own self-conscious thoughts when you have someone in front of you sticking their finger out of the front of their pants, pretending to show you their willy. We mean, really.

It ain’t a party unless the boys also get in on the fun! (They were made for the model life, obviously)

After being papparazzied all day, we felt like full blown celebrities. The awkwardness faded away and we just wanted to retreat to our normally scheduled, boring lives. If you see us on the streets, please remember we are normal people just like you. #nopicsplease ;)

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Coming For Ya, 2019!

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