A Semi-Decent Hair Tutorial

While we would never call ourselves experts in the areas of hair or make-up, the Ginger and Blonde are certainly more capable when it comes to hair. We were in one of our ABSOLUTE favorite places, Boca Raton, FL (well technically Deerfield Beach but whatevs), and thought we might as well do a video of us getting our hair right for your viewing pleasure. Riveting, right?! Side note: A post on Boca is coming- we want to share the goodness of this hidden gem with each and every one of you. 

Similar to our knowledge on make-up, we both are self-taught when it comes to our hair. We’ve figured out what works over the years (also what really doesn’t work- please see: bangs) and we don’t think we totally SUCK at it. We live in Charleston (aka the most humid place on earth) so we are both learning what works for us and our different hair textures. Most days, for both of us, it is a top knot with a lot of hairspray, hoping for the best, but luckily for you- this video highlights us in rare form- hair fully done and an explanation with how we make this magic happen (you’re so welcome). We each use different tools- we will link them below, in the case that you even care about that.