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10 Things We Are Loving Right Now- January 2019 Edition

10 Things We Are Loving Right Now- January 2019 Edition

Welcome to our second edition of “Ish We’re Currently Loving”. If you haven’t already seen our first edition from October 2018, you should probably go check it out here.

So here it is below- a fun video featuring yours truly with 10 of our most favorite things, from weird kitchen appliances to face razors for girls. Yep, we knew that’d spike your interest- check it out. This list has no real rhyme or reason, we just think the world (AKA the 10 of you reading this) NEEDS to know about each and every one of these products.

Go enjoy the video. Buy all the things with that Christmas money you got when you returned all the random gifts people bought for you this year! All the “ish” is linked below in the pictures.

 Things we can’t get enough of in 2019:

Airfryer. No oil and things still come out crispy. We don’t get it, but it makes magic happen.

Juicer. Ever heard of celery juice? Apparently it is going to change our lives. Keep up, people.

Get yourself a Ninja Coffee Maker. You can froth your own milk. Are we baristas? Maybe. Do we feel fancy drinking specialty coffee in our pajamas? HELL YES.

The world’s most precious mugs. Llamas?! Parrots?! Stop it.

Coffee. See fancy Ninja Coffee maker for any questions. We can’t be drinking Folgers out of that.

Letter boards. Everybody is doing it.

Freeman face masks. Cheap & easy to use. You don’t even need a mirror. Maybe just your friend’s help.

Face razors. WHAT?! For girls. Yes. Thank us later for your ridiculously soft skin.

Tula skincare. Ish is fairly expensive, but we are looking 10 years younger and it’s only been a few weeks. Aging like a fine wine. And 20% off your first purchase? YAS.

Drinkwel. No more wine flu for you. Seriously, go buy this NOW.

We hope you saw something here that tickled your fancy and helps make your life more delicious, easier, fun, or healthy. We will continue on with our research on all the most bizarre, yet helpful products. Stay tuned for the next edition of “Ish We’re Loving”.

What are some of your favorite products right now? We’d love to hear from you (& the weird things you use- we can’t be alone in this, right?!) Now, go get you these goods and tell us how much you love all of them.

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