Interview Edition: Straight Shootin’

We’ve got a fun new addition to the blog this week. We’ve decided to start a new series called Straight Shootin’. It is going to combine a few of our favorite things: Tequila and real talk. We are so excited to discuss topics candidly with all of you.

We LOVE Matt Bellassai- he is hilarious. And if you haven’t seen his episodes of To Be Honest you are truly missing out. He is blatantly honest about a variety of topics that he chooses. His videos and commentary inspired us to create Straight Shootin’. His videos are way more professional and cool looking than ours. So if you’re skilled in videography, help some sisters out.

We figure it’s a series that you’ll either love or hate, depending on if keeping it real is something you appreciate. But we both enjoy honesty and can certainly find the humor in people’s differences. We aren’t looking to offend anyone; however, we have found that when people are honest, it can sometimes bother others. We apologize ahead of time. We want to make this fun. We love sarcastic humor and talking about all the crazy realness of day to day life.

So here you have it: Straight Shootin’- Episode One. If you have any other topics you think would be entertaining for us to cover- shoot us your ideas in the comments. Cheers!