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10ish Things We Are Loving Right Now- April 2019 Edition

10ish Things We Are Loving Right Now- April 2019 Edition

You guessed it- time for our third edition of “Ish We’re Currently Loving”!

You’re going to want to tune in for this- these may be some of our favorite goodies yet (anything to make us tan and look younger).

We’ve put together another suuuper professional video to feature a few of our favorite things. Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, watch the two of us pretend to know what we’re talking about, and then purchase ALL of it right from the comfort of your couch for a reasonable price. We’ve even linked it all for you below. Have we EVER steered you wrong? Don’t answer that. Just trust us and give these products a try.


Dirty hair? Don’t care, still smells good. Seriously, the best dry shampoo.


Cute (7 different colors) and they help prevent headaches and eye strain? Yes, please.

Whether you get the pricey or cheaper version, a pair of these are necessary. Don’t live a day longer without them.

Use your normal body lotion and still get a lovely, glowing tan? Okcurr. You can find this at Sephora, but they are sold out frequently. Don’t be afraid to buy from the Isle of Paradise site. We know they are in the UK, but with shipping the price is basically the same. We did it. We promise.

Promote collagen growth to make our faces look more firm? With less wrinkles? We’ll take it…

Healthy hair, skin, and nails, plus anti-aging benefits. Oh, and don’t forget gut health. Why wouldn’t you use this?!

A complete facial refresher that you can carry in your purse, duffle, any bag. Take it everywhere. Spray any time you want to feel fabulous. Or spray someone else who is annoying you and they’ll chill out.

Getting serious about taking care of ourselves. We only get one body, right?

These are just a few of the MANY cute earrings we’ve gotten from Shein. We can’t vouch for the clothes just yet, but the accessories- get them.

These help us fake looking wide awake and totally with it. Necessities.

There ya have it folks. We don’t do these videos just as an excuse to try new items- we do it FOR YOU, our loyal & stylish reader. Check these items out. We seriously love them. Tell us if you love them or hate them. What are some things you’re absolutely loving?! We’ll try anything once… for the blog!

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