Trick or Treat Yo’Self

Let us start this post by saying, adults can love Halloween too. What’s not to love? We get to dress up as weirdos, stuff our faces with candy, dance all night, have a few drinks- just live our best lives- all without being recognized.

We all love Halloween because it let’s our inner-child shine through. It is one of the only times grown adults can be silly, immature idiots and get away with it.  Good news? You need no real knowledge or skill set to enjoy Halloween and come up with a clever costume. Got a hat and a leaf on a string? Boom- Leaf Blower. Have some old cereal boxes and fake blood? Cereal killer. Have a mask? Don’t like that- it’s creepy, but it works.  It’s the ultimate Holiday- don’t put much effort in, people still think your costume is awesome (because 1. It is or 2. They’re drunk).

Halloween has become a bit of a tradition for the wolf pack. While we do not ALL appreciate every aspect of this holiday (the Blonde is terrified by most scary things), we all love a good themed group dress-up. We can’t say we are expert costume makers, because well, that’s a bold-faced lie. We tend to spend the entire month of October brainstorming group ideas, only to finally decide the week of Halloween; at which point, we hurry to throw it all together. But so far we have managed this surprisingly well. #theboocrew

During our first year as the wolf pack, Tyler was deployed, so we rolled as a duo: Where’s Waldo style. We obviously looked so much like the real deal, that people had a hard time spotting us all night long. Ghouls just want to have fun.

wheres waldo.jpg

From there it has been nothing but up. We like to get the party started at the house, then take it out to one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall bars. They have a costume contest every year and it’s always a mission of ours to enter it and win (more so just the entering part). Year one, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (creatures of the night). We unfortunately missed our opportunity to strut our stuff at our call time because we were too busy using our plastic weapons to threaten people to vote for us. #counterproductive

Next up, Old People. These costumes were cheap (thank you, Goodwill) and extremely comfortable. Both of these qualities are must-haves for the wolf pack. Feels simple. Feels plain. Feels kinda lazy. Well, maybe it was all those things, BUT most importantly, this was the most badass theme ever. We pulled this off with flying colors (just creepin’ it real). The dudes were overwhelming for us to look at, because quite honestly, this is exactly what they will look like in 45 years. Personality and all. They took great effort to get into character. The process of Tyler shaving his head was hysterical and scary all at one time. Ed went completely silver. We loved every bit of this. If you are going to dress as an old person and that’s it, you have to really own it. We walked into the bar confident in our wobbly walks, nonsense yelling, and walker pushing. Give the people what they want. We are pretty convinced that some people thought we were actually 80 years old. Score. But being 80 doesn’t keep you from turning up. Not only did we win the costume contest that night (you can see our prize in Ashley’s mouth), but we got the opportunity to perform for the entire bar. The four of us stood on the stage and danced the entirety of Macklemore’s Downtown. It FELT like everyone loved it- all of our moves were spectacular. You know in movies when time stands still and it’s the greatest moment of the characters’ lives? Yeah, it was like that. In hindsight, it was probably more like this: super weird looking to everyone staring at us and maybe semi-entertaining, but mostly annoying for the DJ. Ahh well. #noregrets

So last year, we worried that we wouldn’t be able to top those old people; and we were right. Still doesn’t take away from a great costume, however. We went with the most derpy idea we could come up with: Camp Counselors. Like 1970’s style. Headbands, knee-high socks, shorts with shirts tucked in, and fanny packs. If nothing else, we took away FANNY PACKS from this one. AHMAZING. They hold all the things and you don’t have to worry about losing them. Genius. There was no contest winning this year, but man, did we have fun gettin’ down in those elastic-banded shorts. It was everything. If you’ve got it, haunt it.

So, there you have it. Halloween done wolf-pack style. The beginning of October has arrived again and we NEED your help. Our creative juices are currently dry and we need some clever, simple, and preferably cheap costume suggestions. Comment with all of your ideas below- good, bad, weird- we encourage all of it. We’ll be sure to reveal the winning theme for this year in several weeks. Stay tuned. Later, witches!