The Men You're Dying to Meet

What’s that saying? Behind every successful, boss of a woman is a man she loves unconditionally and he loves her the same, but they also want to suffocate one another occasionally? Wait- no. That’s not it. BUT that is marriage. We have both been married for almost seven years. We love marriage- it’s fun! You get to hang out with your best friend all the time, you have someone that loves you even when they see you at your craziest- it’s the best. AND some days, marriage is SUPER.FREAKING.HARD.  It isn’t always rainbows,  roses, and unicorns, and then some days are really easy and exciting. Have we figured this thing out yet? No. Will we anytime soon? Absolutely not. We are all imperfect. Have we learned a lot along the way? HECK YES. Do we have a long way to go? 100%. That is life. That is marriage. THIS IS US!

We have two of the best guys around, Tyler (Jesse’s) and Ed (Ashley’s). We obviously thought they were awesome considering we married them, FOR-EV-ER. We want you guys to get to know them a little bit too, since they’re in nearly all of our fantastic stories. They were a little hesitant for us to write about them because they know our fame will sky-rocket from their appearance but ultimately, they want us to be happy and truly do care about this little blog- afterall, #happywifehappylife. 

So these dudes are good-time connoisseurs; not only do they know where to find the party, but more importantly how to bring the party. They both love sports, mainly football and hockey (they are Northern boys tried and true).  They’re music fiends and know how to cut a rug. They’ll make you laugh until you pee your pants (a lot of close calls on this one). And they have the biggest hearts of anyone we know. 

We’ve never seen a bromance so strong as the one between these two fellas, as documented below. A bit of advice: find someone that looks at you the way these two look at each other. 

They’re a couple of good time sallies. If you STILL don’t believe us, check out these sick vids. You’re welcome. 

Finding couple friends can be hard (you all know what we’re talking about- the wife is cool, but the husband is lame- or vice versa). If you haven’t found your tribe yet, don’t worry- you will. Let that freak flag fly honey. True friends will love you even more for it. We couldn’t be more thankful for this wolfpack. “The strength of the wolf is the pack. The pack is the strength of the wolf.” #deep

Wolfpack fun.jpg