Live Worship Holy Yoga-A Free Class You Don't Want to Miss

Ashley put in the serious time and work several years ago and received her Yoga Instructor certification. Since then, she has been leading Holy Yoga at Coastal Community Church. If you’ve never heard of or participated in Holy Yoga, just know it’s an amazing experience that leaves you feeling peaceful, at ease, refreshed- all the good feelings. It is a slow flow yoga class with a spiritual twist. During your flow, your instructor facilitates a worshipful experience. When you leave, there is a sense of physical and spiritual wellness. For the haters that say you can’t do yoga and worship Jesus, take a class first.

Jesse: To put it bluntly, Ashley’s classes are dope AF, and everyone should participate in one at least once. I am not someone who normally gravitates towards yoga (just ain’t my thing) and even I, in all my inflexibility, LOVE her classes. This chick has a serious gift. She speaks wisdom beyond measure and I’m telling you, I leave in tears almost every time, because she has a way of speaking straight to your heart. It’s always exactly what you need to hear.

Ashley: After you watch this video you don’t need me to tell you how insanely talented Jesse is. Homegirl has some amazing pipes and she knows how to use them. She also has a presence about her on stage that moves you completely! While I absolutely love leading Holy Yoga, I kept wondering about how we could take it to the next level. This is when Live worship Holy Yoga was born! Truthfully, throughout the class I wish you would hear MORE of Jesse and less of me, but I am super excited with what we created together.

Typically during a Holy Yoga flow, praise and worship music plays in the background. But we had this insanely fun idea for us to lead Holy Yoga together; while Ashley would lead the yoga flow and meditation, Jesse would lead worship, along with some other awesome musicians. We were seriously thrilled to use our own gifts to create something awesome together. So this last week it all went down. We were excited and terrified all at the same time. But it came and it went and ultimately we are so happy with the product. There are some kinks to work out for any future classes we might do like this, but overall it was an amazing experience. We want to share it with you. We encourage you to put on your stretchy pants and flow along with everyone. This is one of those classes that is great from home too.

So like we said, we know there are a few things to be worked on for the future, but man are we proud to have put this together. Writing this blog together has been more fun than we ever imagined, but producing this class was so different and special. Being able to share our unique talents and gifts simultaneously was such a cool experience.

We’d love to know your thoughts after watching/participating. Would you be interested in another class like this in the future?