How To Have An EPIC Girls' Day

There is nothing more important in this world than spending time with the people you love. Recently we decided to have one of those days full of joy sparking moments. We played hooky (shh, don’t tell) and had the MOST epic girl’s day together. We had so much fun we thought we needed to document the whole thing AND share how you and your girls can have just as great of a time.

First things first, take a day off during the week and plan to be “sick” or “have an all day doctor’s appointment”(wink, wink). Nothing is more fun than sipping wine in the middle of the day and saying “we should be at work right now” and giggling like a couple of school girls. It just really ups the excitement of the whole day.

Second, make a rough itinerary of your day. If you have big plans to go to a few places- map it out. Jesse is our Type A and creating an itinerary helps set her at ease and keeps Ashley on track. Make sure you allow for some spontaneity in your day too- a day full of wine drinking leads to some interesting ideas. Let it flow.  

IMG_0110 2.JPG

Our ideas with some suggested hot spots (if you’re in the Charleston area):

If you’re with your best friend(s) you’re probably like us and you could watch paint dry together and make it fun. These are just a few suggestions to kick-start your Epic Girls Day.

We’d love to know how you do Girls Day. What’s your favorite thing to do with your bestie?